Bagpipes have been played at weddings for centuries and every wedding is unique in its own special way. I am able to supply a professional service tailor made to suit your requirements.

A Wedding format can be as follows:

  • As guests are arriving and congregating, the piper plays prior to the bride‚Äôs arrival.
  • The piper leads the bride and/or bridal party down the isle towards the groom. When the bride arrives at her position, the piper ceases playing and slowly removes himself towards the rear of the venue.
  • During the signing of the register, the piper plays a short piece of music whilst being discretely positioned at the rear of the venue.
  • The piper remains in the background at the rear of the venue, when the ceremony has ended the piper leads the newlyweds out of the venue.
  • The piper now plays for approx 10 minutes outside as the guests are departing the venue and congratulating the newlyweds.
  • The piper will participate in photo sessions if required.

I am also available to play at receptions:

  • As the guests are arriving.
  • Welcoming the newlyweds and leading them to their table.
  • Playing the Bridal Waltz.

These are only suggestions. I aim to make YOUR wedding exclusive, and a special memory for the bride and groom. To enable me to achieve this, I plan in detail all of your requirements for the wedding.


I have been playing bagpipes since the age of 13 and started playing bagpipes as a profession in 1991. I have over 25 years experience as a professonal piper, which includes winning two World Pipe Band Championships.

I provide a highly professional attitude and approach to piping services, ensuring every performance is of exceptional quality.

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The music selection is a key element for any piping performance, especially for a Wedding ceremony. My many years as a professional piper in Pipes Bands and a soloist has allowed me to build an extensive repertoire, including all the popular and traditional songs, tunes and hymns.

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